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No changes, just a new banner designed by sombradeti. Rarrr!
ETA as of April 17th, 2007: All fanfics will be public entries. Everything else is still locked down.


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Title: The ABCs of Growing Up
Author: silver_p
Rating: PG-13. Possibly R later, if I don't chicken out.
Disclaimer: Not mine, all of it belongs to the head honchos at FOX. The title comes from a song by Imogen Heap called ‘Speeding Cars’.
Cliché: One of them attends their high school reunion.
Notes: I dedicate this little ditty to glorylinnemann for her helpful tips on how to write Angstypants Jack (though I doubt I did her suggestions any justice), and for generally being such an awesome person.


Sitting in the empty break room, Chloe glanced over her shoulder before slipping a pale parchment-coloured card out of her purse.Collapse )

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Title: No Contest
Author: silver_p
Rating: PG
Fandom(s): 24
Pairing(s): Jack/Chloe
Summary: Morris and Milo lock horns once again over Chloe.
Disclaimer: Wish I did, but I don't.
Notes: My first 24-verse story, and my first attempt at fanfic after a depressingly long dry spell. Also, Milo's is not exactly the most inspiring point of view to write from, but somehow this story wouldn't come out from anybody else's. So go easy on me, I implore you.


Not for the first time in past several months, Milo Pressman wondered why he was still there.Collapse )

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Hearin': "Crowd Control" - Nelly Furtado ft. Justin Timberlake

1 slow dance or care to dance?